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Site Closing

We have been going along for almost two years with peaks and troughs in our numbers; however the trough has become deeper and deeper recently and even the number of visitors riding with us over the break significantly dropped.

Put simply if people are not interested in riding in a social group so be it. I personally enjoy company when riding.

I honestly believe that whilst we have not got the number of "bums on seats" we would have liked some of the resources in this site have been valuable for people particularly our RIDE DESCRIPTION page. I overheard some riders at Village Grind saying they rode Birubi and Back following our mud map. Our ADVOCACY page has generated some requests, which to their credit Council addressed most of in a timely fashion.

The website fees are due for renewal on 6 April and they will not be renewed and the mess that was our FACEBOOK presence has been closed. 

Some of us ride Thursday arvo and Saturday mornings regularly and welcome anyone to join us. The email pscg@y7mail.com will continue as there are some people who contact us to organize rides and we/I am always happy to ride.

It has been interesting.


We will run regular Thursday Arvo spins from 3.00 pm starting at Salamander Bay Oval corner of Soldiers Point Rd and Foreshore Drive. Please confirm by 2.00pm if you are riding with us.

 We have added a new ride to our list The Half Loop see the Ride Description page for details it is a bit challenging as some of the hills are short and sharp.



 3.00 PM  Starting at Salamander Bay Oval corner of Soldiers Point Rd and Foreshore Drive.

We will decide on the day where we ride, but thinking about doing The Half Loop.   Only run if people confirm by 2.00 pm on the day to pscg@y7mail.com or ronmiller100@outlook.com.

Cancelled if wet


7.30 AM  Starting at Salamander Bay Oval corner of Soldiers Point Rd and Foreshore Drive.

Usually do one of the longer rides ---- Birubi and Back, Fingal Loop or The Big Loop.

It would be great if people confirmed by Friday night to pscg@y7mail.com The ride will go ahead but if no one confirms the start time can be fluid from my perspective i.e a sleep-in or an earlier start probably the former though.

Cancelled if wet.

Upcoming Recreational Rides

Tour de Hills

1 March

This ride is relatively challenging event depending on which ride you take.  As the name implies it is in the Hills area which is in Sydney's north-west and is a well organized event. Well worth a look.


Loop the Lake

8 March


 Sydney to South Coast

A very challenging ride on Sunday March 1st. 


The Mailrun Charity Bike Ride in Singleton 

22nd March


Please if you know of any charity/recreational rides and we will happily list them here.

Our route maps are now available

The maps of our ride routes are on the RIDE DESCRIPTION page click on the link.  Obviously because of the fluid nature of this group these are flexible and can be and are often adapted to suit the needs of participants.

We were unable to link them to the CALENDAR so if anyone has a clue let us know. 

About Port Stephens Cycle Group

We are a Bicycle User Group (BUG) who have organized rides around the bay area.  Our rides start and finish from the same points and cater for all ages and standards.  The rides vary from 15klm up to 50+klm. Most of our rides a such that riders can meet us at a point convenient to them

We are not competitive simply a social group who are hoping to grow.  Being “real” bike riders we always have a coffee stop usually at the mid point of a ride but some of our shorter rides will start and finish near a cafe.

The aim is to get riders to share their routes and lead rides along these routes.

We also act as advocacy for cycling related manners around eastern Port Stephens consulting with Council on important matters as they crop up.

Our Rides

Our rides are listed in our Rides Calendar and  Pushon  http://www.pushon.com.au/rides/RidesCalendar_filter.asp

which is Bicycle NSW calendar listed under PSCG (non affiliated).  Details about the rides are on our Ride Description page.

Please look at FAQ for details around requirements for participating in our rides



This is your opportunity to

June 13, 2014

start a conversation, make a comment, organize a ride, tell people about an event cycling related/other event or even tell us what you don't like about this site.